Survival Clothes

Having the right type of protective clothing in your kit is vital because it helps to ensure that you are going to be protected from the elements as well as other things that may harm you during a disaster. You are going to need protection for UV Rays, insect bites, poisonous plants, and extreme weather […]

Survival tools – how to pick them

In today’s world there is always a chance of a disaster happening. Some of which might mean people will be in need of having a survival backpack to help them survive. It is wise to always carry a survival bag (emergency bag) when going on trips anyway. In any of these cases a survival bag […]

Rambo 1st Blood twenty fifth Anniversary Knife Evaluation

Knives can be found in homes, workplaces, activities, hobbies, and entertainment. There are butter knives, steak knives, cleavers, and paring knives in kitchens. Hikers carry pocket knives, soldiers carry utility knives, and hunters carry hunting knives. Knives, such as switchblade and daggers are used as weapons. Some entertainments consist of throwing knives. Knives are also […]

A Machete For A Bigger Slice of The Action

A machete is similar to a cleaver. A tool used generally in an arsenal. Used mostly in in tropical areas and subtropical regions. They are versatile, making them popular to the public. A machete has many purposes. If interested in more information on the machete, check this link out:condor warlock machete review. There are three […]