Survival backpacks

Today in this new world there are chances that disasters can happen anytime. The more we try to harm the nature the outcome can be in such a way more than the expectation. In such situations the emergency items can be stored in such survival backpacks as per the individual need. We know that a lot of things are necessary in a single pack for an emergency. At this moment we can realise that advance preparation is more important for this.

All about Survival Backpacks

A survival backpack is always that which stays comfortably in our shoulders for the time we are searching for a shelter or if we are working for an emergency situation. It is always considered that the backpack is the best when it is capable to provide an emergency kit which is active for around 72 hours which keeps the person survive till the disaster ends. We can notice that most of the survivalist who is experienced in this field says that the search for the survival backpack is not an easy job. But after finding this all the things will be on a proper place. There are many types of backpacks .These are

  • Normal type of Backpack: If we need to go in a hurry any bags can be made as a backpack. It will be as comfortable as the original backpack but some of the essential items can be included in this.
  • Duffel bags: These types of bags are found to be very heavy and will be suitable only if we are able to go by car. Before we choose the bag we should take care whether this is comfortable to carry by any way of transport.
  • Hiking bag is one good option when compared with the other two. This will not be too heavy and will be comfortable also. Only one disadvantage for this kind of bags is lack in compartmentalization.
  • Military backpacks: This kind of bags is suitable to resist any weather condition. But still this kind of bags seems too heavy due to the compartmentalization and necessary things that are kept.

Apart from all these bags there are bags that are suitable for all the conditions.

We can see certain reviews on the backpacks as below. They are

Altra 65 backpack

This type of bags is very light and comfortable. This can be used for all kinds of adventures and hiking. Most of the reviews from the people who use this kind of backpacks are positive. The main feature for these bags is about its distribution of the weight, comfort level and the space that are offered in this.

Goruck GR2

This kind of bags is suitable for the stressful situations. There is a lot of space and separate compartments with the zips so that it is easier to load the necessary items. Many people had commented on this positively due to its benefits. This can be mainly used for business trips and hiking purpose.

To pertain an emergency gear which can be in form of a survival backpack can make the life easier and smooth in all the situations.


511 Tactical backpacks

The backpack from 511 tactical contains 16 total numbers of compartments by providing user with high storage options which is not provided in any other backpacks. The compartments in the backpack are used for specific uses. The backpack from 511 tactical includes an internal admin panel to store small accessories like sunglasses, water bottle and so on.


511 tactical backpacks are so comfy and cool in the same time yet compatible allowing users to organize their belongings in systematic way rather than dumping everything in one single compartment. To ensure stability, the backpacks also come with a centered sternum strap adjustable shoulder straps and external compression straps. The backpacks can withstand any temperature and are water proof and stay dry in any weather.

511 tactical backpack reviews

  • The backpack contains more than sixteen compartments for different storage options.
  • The exterior side of the backpack looks so stylish and elegant yet comfortable and durable too.
  • There is no requirement of adding additional pouches to 511 tactical backpacks since they contain many.
  • Upper compression straps of the backpack can be used to compress the bag when it is half filled.
  • The 511 tactical also provide lower compression straps with extra cost.
  • The backpacks from 511 tactical come with matching elastic keepers since currently strap management is also a key.
  • The elastic keepers clinches up nice and tidy and looks very integrated.
  • The yoke harness is provided along with 511 tactical backpacks and is considered as great job of distributing full load evenly on the shoulders.
  • To backpack of 511 tactical’s shoulder straps are very well adjustable and padded to add more comfort while carrying backpack.
  • The sternum strap offers more stability to the users and is also removable.
  • People who are considering something durable for very long should opt buying 511 tactical backpack.
  • The backpack from 511 tactical has very small compartments for organizing accessories like pen, knife and a torch light.
  • The bag is designed in such a way that it is useful to trekkers and mountain climbers in every inch keeping all requirements in mind.
  • Even mobile phones and cameras have their designated places in 511 tactical backpack.



Survival tools – how to pick them

In our life today there are many situations where there is chance of facing many disasters. In such situations this may lead to the matter of survival. When some conditions occur where we become alone and need to face this situation. It is good that we have an emergency kit with us if we are going on a road trip or on a camp .In all such conditions these supplies are essential for survival.

Importance of Different Survival Tools

If we are stuck on some places and not able to locate the place then compass can help us a lot for this. Compasses are those tools that work with a magnetic pointer which use the earth’s magnetic field for calculation of the direction. With the help of compass and the map the direction is easily located. Today people use GPS mostly than the compass but since the battery is a requirement for the GPS compass will be the better option.

In some survival situations fire is an important need. This helps in providing warmth, help in cooking and purify the water. This also helps in giving security and also provides light. For such scenarios we can pack the survival kit with small fire starting material. We can get lighters, magnifying glasses and matches which are weather proof.

During hiking, people usually get small injuries. In such situations we cannot get medical care on emergency situations. So carrying a first aid kit will be more beneficial. The kit must contain medications, solutions that are required for cleaning the wound ,antibacterial ointments, peroxide, tablets for relieving the pain and antacid. Along with this we should have bandages and eyewashes. If we are already on some medications then it is better to have the required medicine so as to avoid the risk.

Keeping a small mirror in hand is also best idea. This can be useful for reflecting the headlights, flashlight beams and even the moonlight can be utilised for the rescue.

Knife is another tool that is essential for the survival. Some of the survival knifes will be having a long blade and serrated edges with having a long hand which will be more better than the cheap knifes that are available.

Kits that contain suction extractors are available which will be better to treat for the snake bite scenario. Also pills that are anti-inflammatory and pain killers will also be useful in such conditions. Emergency whistle can help us a lot during this emergency as the person becomes weak as soon as getting bitten by the snake. In such situations this whistle can help a lot.

Water stays an important need for all the human beings. In such situations water filter can be very useful. This can be available in different sizes also. Water tablets are available today which will be iodine or the chlorine pills which does not taste better but will make the person keep alive. It is better that we keep the pills in different areas so as to get it easily in case it gets separated.

All these tools are very essential for survival and should be chosen in a wise manner to attain better results.


Rambo 1st Blood twenty fifth Anniversary Knife Evaluation


Knives are found and used in every part of house and work or fun. In the dining area we use the butter and steak knives. In the kitchen we use the paring, break and cleaver. The soldiers carry the utility knife; the hikers use the pocket knife and hunters the hunting knives. Knives are used as weapons such as daggers and switchblades. In sports or entertainment knives are used for throwing. In agriculture harvester knives are used. And then there are the Rambo Survival Knives.

Rambo’s First Blood Knife

In the movie Rambo has used this knife judiciously and it has become a life saver for him a number of times. He sews up his wound with the materials in the kit. It was his most important weapon and preferred it more than the firearms. He has used the matches in the kit to light campfires and torches; he has used the knife for defense to hunt. So actually it served as a multipurpose tool and Rambo would definitely vouch for that. After this movie, the franchise would have another knife which was more unique in design as it became a trademark for the character of Rambo to possess the “Rambo Knife. Though, this was not encapsulated in the original novel. The addition of this unusual weapon added the right ruggedness to the character of Rambo.

After the release of First Blood, Rambo knives became a rage and everyone wanted to own one, especially children and a crude version of the Rambo Knife was made and handles made in a variety of color including a camouflage. The knives contained real blades and survival kits, this could be dangerous for kids and stirred up a huge controversy.

Variety of blades and knives

There are various kinds of knives used all over the world and famous ones which are now a collectors’ items are long slim bolo knives of Philippines (used in sugar cane and jungle work) machetes of South America, Curved Ghurkha knives of the Ghurkha fighters of India, America’s Bowie knife, the Swiss knife and many others.

Now a days’ knives can be found in different assortments and are used more for utility than survival as in olden days.

There are a variety of blades available in the market such as the normal or straight back blade, a curved trailing point knife, clip point blade, drop point blade, spear point blade, a needle point blade, a spay point, tanto style knife, sheepsfoot knife, Wharncliffe blade and Ulu. All the above knives were made for particular uses and some of them are still used today. Each knife needs a person who knows how to use it in a precise way otherwise he may hurt himself or others.

Knives can come in two fashions such as the fixed blade knife and the folding knives. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but both are commonly used.

Care of knives

The knives have to be kept in good shape, sharpening with power driven grinding wheel would make the edges brittle, use a wet grit stone to sharpen your knives. The knives have to be held in certain angle before sharpening. It’s important to always have a sharp blade as dull one can cause injuries and accidents. They have to be cleaned regularly and stored properly, or the edges may get dull.



Machete A Big Slice of Action

Machete is a tool in the form of a knife which is almost similar to that of a cleaver. This is used as a tool in the arsenal. These form of knifes are commonly used for the purpose of agriculture also mainly used in the tropical and subtropical regions. This kind of knifes are versatile. This is the reason that it becomes more popular among the public. These knifes are used for different types of purposes.  For further info you can check out this condor warlock machete review.

The blade of the knife will be having three divisions .This will be a separation on the sharpened part. One will be on the top, in the middle and bottom of the blade. Each part of the knife will be relative to the handle so as to occupy the parts for different tasks.

Use of Condor Warlock Machete

The pointed tip of the machete is used for the opening of goods and for the purpose of drilling.

The top part of the blade is best and pointed one. This is suitable for chopping and cutting purpose.

The middle part of the knife is used for the chopping of tree branches and to slice the meat.

The bottom part of the knife can be used for sharpening purpose. This can be used in the sharpening of pencils and the branches.

Beside all these sharpened points the part of the blade close to the handle is blunt. This is used as bottle openers and for hammering the objects. For all these purpose the grip can be adjusted so as to get good control.

The backside of the knife can also be used for different purposes. This can be used to remove the scales in the fish and drive the nails. The flat top of the machete can be used to flip meat on the grill.

Condor Warlock is one such tool that is different and can be utilized most part of this. Condor only provides craftsmanship of qualified nature and also pertain many ergonomic features. This kind of tools is more reliable and is guaranteed for a long life. The blade of this knife is having a powder finishing touch. The blade of the Condor Warlock is so thick towards its end that it is easy to cut even very thick woods. This feature of the machete makes its entirely different from that of other products of the condor. It has the ability to use as a simple knife also. The tip of the knife is pointed and is also suitable for self defense.

This is used for household purposes and for making the wooden handles of the knife. This can be used in coconut splitting .It is also used for the yard work and for the purpose of cutting the branches of trees and also small plants. This can also be used for cleaning huge areas by cutting the bushes. In comparison with the other knifes machete are more tough and are also found to be easy for the sharpening. This can be used for all purposes such as hiking, fishing and for our own protection .Condor Warlock Machete are available in the different colors also and are becoming very popular.