Rambo 1st Blood twenty fifth Anniversary Knife Evaluation

Knives can be found in homes, workplaces, activities, hobbies, and entertainment. There are butter knives, steak knives, cleavers, and paring knives in kitchens. Hikers carry pocket knives, soldiers carry utility knives, and hunters carry hunting knives. Knives, such as switchblade and daggers are used as weapons. Some entertainments consist of throwing knives. Knives are also used in some sports. Harvester knives are used for harvesting agriculture. There are also Rambo Survival Knives.


Rambo, first blood

Used in the movie, ‘Rambo’, where the character of Rambo used it quite often to save his own life. Rambo used the materials out of his survival kit to sew up his own wounds, other items he used from his survival kit were matches (to build fires), light torches, defending himself, and hunting. It was his preferred weapon, and the most important one.

It served as a multi-purpose tool. The franchise later created an identical knife and sold them to those who wanted to possess the trademark knife of the character ‘Rambo’.

Once the movie ‘First Blood’ had been released, people rushed out to purchase a Rambo knife, everyone wanted one. They manufactured a crude version, with its handles available in many colors, also in camouflage. With real blades, and came with a survival kit. However, a huge controversy started over the knives being dangerous for children.

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A variety of blades & knives

With a variety of knives types used around the world, some that are considered as famous, and are collectible items. Some of them are the Long Skinny Bolo, from the Philippines (used for working with sugar cane), Machetes, from South America, American Bowie, Swiss, Curved Ghurkha, from the Ghurkha fighters in India, and more.

In today’s modern world, knives are used more as a utensil, or for utility, rather than for survival like they had to in the old days.

Today they have a variety of different blades for sale. There are the Straight Back blades (normal blades), Clip Point, Curved Trailing Point, Spear Point, Drop Point, Spay Point, Needle Point, Tanto Style, Sheep’s Foot, the Ulu, and the Wharncliffe blade. All of which were create with a specific use in mind, and several of them are still in use today. Any of the above knives should only be used by someone with the correct knowledge of how they are to be used, as they can otherwise be very dangerous and harmful to the user.

There are two different fashions of knives, the Fixed Blade knife, and Folding knives. Both of these are common, but, each one will have advantages and disadvantages of its own.


How to care for knives

In order for them to last, knives to be properly taken care of. They need sharpened with a wet grit stone, they should not ever be sharpened using an electrical grinding wheel, as this will leave the edges brittle. They also have to be held at a particular angle when sharpening. Always make sure your blade is sharp for a dull blade can cause injuries or accidents. To keep the edges from becoming dull they must be clean on a regular basis, and also properly stored.


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