Survival backpacks

A disaster could happen at any given moment, this could happen from a means of nature, given the way we treat our worlds environment, and it could also happen due to societies infliction’s on one another. Either way, everyone should always be prepared by having a survival backpack, which is stocked to each individual’s own needs.

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About survival backpacks

It is important that a survival backpack be comfortable to carry on our shoulders, as they would have to be carried during the time one searches for shelter, as well as in all emergency situations that arise. The best survival backpack is one that can hold all the necessary things needed in case of an emergency, and also enough to carry one over for at least 72 hours (or longer if possible). Even an experienced expert survivalist will tell you that it is not an easy task to shop for a survival backpack. However, once it is found, everything is going to be in its proper spot.

One will find that there are several different types of survival backpacks to choose from.

The different types of survival backpacks:

The normal backpack

It an emergency occurs and makes us have to leave in a rush and there is a need, one can use any bag as a backpack. Although it may not be as comfortable as the real thing, it can be filled with all of the essential items.

Hiking backpacks

When comparing to the other two, this one is a good option. This will be more comfortable than the others because it is lighter. However, its disadvantage is that it will not carry as many items.

Duffel bags

This kind of bag is heavy and can only be used if you are not walking. Make sure to find out if the bag you pick can be toted even when walking.

The military backpacks

This bag will resist all weather conditions. However, it is very heavy because of all the compartments it has for carrying items.

Besides the ones listed, there are other bags available that are more capable of carrying everything needed, comfortable, and lightweight. Read below to see some reviews on backpacks.

Here are a few reviews on other backpacks:

Altra 65 backpack

An Altra 65 backpack will be very comfortable, and it is lightweight. Usable for hiking and other great adventures. Generally, reviews on this backpack are positive. Its main features are its lightweight, level of comfort, and the large amount of room it offers.
Goruck GR2

The Goruck GR2 bag is great to be using under stressful situations. It has many compartments, with a lot of space, and zipper closings. There have been many positive comments on the benefits of this bag. It is mainly used on business trips, however, some do use it for hiking.

One should have a survival backpack that will hold all the emergency gear needed, and it should be comfortable to carry when walking (lightweight).

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