Survival Knifes

Often times you are asked, “what knife is your favorite knife?”

In a world that is filled with various knife styles, sizes, and uses, it is only fair that you have a favorite. There are so many to choose from, but yet you constantly keep going back to this particular knife time after time. This is literally your automatic go-to survival knife. It is always in your gear, and sometimes it is always on you. Below are a few of my favorite survival knifes.

SL Pro 2 by Tool Logic – Folding Knife

This is a really popular folding knife that I always carry around with me. It has a loud signal whistle, LED flashlight, and spark rod in this awesome little package. It has a 3 inch 50/50 serrated blade. The flashlight is stored in the knife handle. It also has a magnesium fire rod attached to the aluminum housing that the knife is in.

Full Sized, Straight Edged Black Ka-Bar

The US Marine Corps use this as their go to knife. It weighs under a pound, and has a 7-inch blade that is made out of chrome vanadium. The handle is made from Kraton G. I love this knife because it is easier to be sharpened in the field, and has a better carving ability. This is a rugged and dependable knife that will get the job done. It isn’t any wonder why this is the knife of Marines.

Air Force and Army Issued Survival Knife

If you are a person who survives on their survival gear, then you need this survival knife. It is made of carbon steel that has a zinc-phosphate finish, which keeps it from getting rusty. The leather handle has deep grooves that give it a great grip, even when you hand is slippery. The end is strong enough to use as a hammer. It has a cross guard that can turn into a spear. It has a 5-inch blade and comes with a sheath and sharpening stone.